DreamBags JaguarShoes” – It’s anything that you want it to be!

Is it a bar, cafe, exhibition space… well, it’s actually all of those things and more. The location of “DreamBags JaguarShoes” couldn’t be any more perfect – Shoreditch in East London is a constant buzz of activity, a fashionable and trendy place to socialise with good friends in excellent surroundings – which was exactly my purpose for being there.

As I settled into the lively atmosphere, it was undeniable that this was a very funky place to be. The name alone – “DreamBags JaguarShoes” – makes the most indifferent of visitors just a little bit curious. As it happens, the name was originally from the 1980’s bag and shoe wholesalers that once occupied the building. The original signage still adorns the front which probably adds to the speculation of what takes place behind its doors. The unique bar regularly hosts DJ events and displays of artwork.

Spaghetti Carbonara

As the flagship bar of the JaguarShoes Collective brand, I was immediately inclined to try the Due Sardi range of traditional, stone-baked pizza, however I opted for the fresh Spaghetti Carbonara, simply because I had a feeling that it would be pretty tasty. 

And it was. Served with three slices of the softest slices of bread, the Carbonara was tasty although could just have done with a little more seasoning for added flavour and perhaps a little more sauce. My friends at the restaurant enjoyed a mix of pizzas and pasta dishes, all of which looked and tasted great.

Overall, I really loved this bar. It has a good atmosphere with a great mix of people from both the after-work crowd. The music is a blend of different genres, but at a good volume so that you can still maintain your conversation! The prices are reasonable, especially by London standards. It’s welcoming, unique and artsy, all of which are things that I can appreciate. If you’re in London, it’s worth checking it out.

Do you know of any unusual places around London that have surprised you or exceeded your expectations?

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