5 Travel Tricks & Tips for Travellistas on the Go

Following my first installment for the Travelling Brown Girls Carnival, the second topic is all about tips and tricks for women on the go. Whether you’re enjoying a ‘staycation’, trekking in the great outdoors or sunning yourself on a beach, there are some easy to follow tips that we should all follow.

Remove old airline destination tags

Quite often they could be the reason why your bag gets lost. Fill in new luggage tags and consider using a business / office address (if possible) to prevent your home address being visible.

Make two photocopies of every important document

Whether it’s e-tickets, passport, insurance certificates etc. Take a copy with you and leave the other copy with a trusted friend or family member. Should something occur whilst you’re away, there is somebody at home to refer to for documents that you’re likely to need.

Check the weather forecast

Always a key task before leaving to ensure that you’re packing appropriate clothes. Even the sunniest and brightest of destinations have cool periods, particularly in the evenings. Bring a light jumper or jacket to avoid the chill.

Bring a copy of your prescriptions

If you’re taking any medication then bring a copy of your prescriptions and the common names for the medication. If any of your medicines contains a narcotic, get a letter from your doctor indicating your need to take the drug. Always be sure to keep medicines in their original, labelled containers!

Speak up if it’s a special occasion

If you’re travelling with a partner and it’s a special occasion then take advantage of the potential perks. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or celebration then be sure to let your airline or accommodation know. Quite often they will want to share the celebration, whether it involves singing you happy birthday or popping the cork on a bottle of champagne.

Do you have any other travel tips to share with fellow travellistas? Please share them in the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “5 Travel Tricks & Tips for Travellistas on the Go”

  1. Great tips!! ‘m a stickler for #1, and have to fight the urge to remove other people’s old baggage tags. For #2, I make hard copies and digital copies as well. Thanks for participating!


  2. Yay! A London travel blogger 😀 Great tips by the way. I love #3. I live by it. I always check at least a 5-day forecast before I pack to travel. I may be adding #2 as well for tickets and such as the passport is copied onto a Cloud storage.


  3. All very smart tips. I especially like #5, which I’ve never tried, but will definitely remember the next time I’m traveling during a special occasion.


    1. Thanks for reading, it definitely is worth remembering. Whenever booking a hotel, make use of the ‘comments’ or ‘special requests’ area to let them know your purpose for visiting!


  4. Yeah, #1 is often a last minute thought. I tend to not see it until I check into a flight that is a different carrier. Not a very good luck to have a US Air flight going onto a United flight. Ha! Great tips!!


  5. Thanks for the tips, especially as other said, Number 5. It’s a great idea, and one the Delusional Divas will use for sure…most likely, even when there’s not a special occasion. We’ll just make one up!

    As a person with asthma and allergies, I also appreciate your 4th tip. I never thought of making copies of the prescriptions, esp. not the generic name. Good idea and one I will definitely put in my bag of tricks.


    1. Thanks for the comment and great to hear that the 4th tip in particular was handy. That’s especially important with asthma and allergies, should anything happen abroad – pleased that you found the post useful.


  6. I like #1 too! My only addition is that I don’t put my address on my permanent luggage tag; just my name, phone number & country. I also use those tags that hide your info. You can never be too safe! Thanks for joining the Carnivalllllllllllllllll! (See you in London at Wandermania on Tour! Yay!)


    1. Thanks for commenting, those tags are a good addition for hiding your personal info. The amount of times I’ve been able to see a home address etc. is shocking. Perfect advert that your home is likely to be empty 😦 Looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers at WTM 🙂


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