Travel planning for the year ahead: It’s all in the preparation

imageI was recently leaving work, when I noticed the first signs of the autumn season kicking in. An overcast sky, rain in the distance and needing to put on the car headlights at 5.30pm. Darkness had settled in for the night before I had even arrived home!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Until it reaches the Christmas holidays, it becomes a mix of dark mornings and even darker evenings. But, there is always a silver lining – making travel arrangements for the coming months, ideally with an escape to a brighter, sunny climate for my necessary dose of Vitamin C.

So, that kick-started my evening, consulting a range of different websites to start shopping around to plan flights and accommodation.

I realised that I needed to do a lot of preparation for the next few trips. To date, I have three trips planned before February 2013, so that’s three sets of accommodation, flights and transfers before I’ve even thought of an itinerary. Did I mention that I don’t tend to use travel agencies? So a lot of my schedule needs to be self-organised – it may add to my workload but it has often saved a LOT of cash and allows my friends and I to completely customise our trip around what we want to do and when.

Here are my three primary reasons for planning a trip in advance:

Save money

Thinking ahead of the destination that you want to go to allows you more time to shop around and consider any sales that you can take advantage of. Early bookings can be financially rewarding.

Get a date in the diary

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, each person is likely to have a livelihood to consider. Booking leave from work, planning childcare (unless they’re travelling with you) and aligning schedules all takes arrangement and consideration. Advance planning allows not only something to look forward to, but less chance of people becoming unavailable unless it’s an emergency.

Have your pick of the market

Booking early allows you more time to consider where you really want to go. You have greater choice of the market rather than limited, last minute availability that might not be what you had in mind for your well-deserved break.

Do you have any other reasons that motivate you to plan holidays well in advance?

3 thoughts on “Travel planning for the year ahead: It’s all in the preparation”

  1. I like to plan far in advance as well. Not only do you get the better deals and have more flexibility, but then you get all those months of anticipation!


  2. I love planning my trips (I have even founded a trip planning website to make it easier), but nowadays I usually do not plan too much in advance as I never know if my kid will be OK to travel at that time. Sometimes my options are a bit narrow because of that, but I have found great places thanks to that.


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