Pizza Vesuvio, Champs Elysees, Paris

We were recently visiting Paris for another chance in a city that we simply… adore. Amongst highlights like the Louvre and Notre Dame, we were bound to find a foodie treat.

However, whilst strolling arm in arm along Champs Elysees, we were stuck by hunger pangs. Our Eurostar train back to London was due to leave in a couple of hours (which we ended up missing), so we considered that we had enough time to spare, and followed the calling of our stomachs to Pizza Vesuvio.

This delightful Italian restaurant has a fantastic location along the avenue, just a stones throw from Arc de Triomphe. The family-owned pizzeria offers pizza and pasta galore, as well as a few other meals such as the delicious beef cheeseburger that I simply had to try. The photos below don’t do enough justice to the food by any means.




Have you tried Pizza Vesuvio? What do you think about this spot of Italy along Paris’ most popular avenue?

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