Sometimes, you just need a plan…

This weekend my boyfriend and I are heading to Paris for a short getaway which we are both absolutely looking forward to. I have started a new job this week and he starts a new role in mid-September so you can appreciate that we have a busy few weeks coming up.

With that in mind, we wanted an itinerary for the trip to maximise our two days in the city and the time together. We both visited Paris in 2009 for new year celebrations which were fun but this would be something infinitely different. A chance to see the city in its ‘natural light’ without the glow of Christmastime.

Also, I didn’t want to be the person responsible for planning the trip… which I’m usually nominated for due to my ‘exceptional planning skills‘ (not my words, but I’ll take that :-)). So a few days ago, I asked that on this occasion, my partner would manage the schedule of getting us from A to B and back in time for C. With it being a short trip, time is of the essence, and sometimes that does mean that a schedule is needed.

On our last trip to the city of love, we caught the key attractions but hadn’t researched places like the Musee du Louvre. This led to us spending four hours wandering aimlessly in just one of the many galleries, before a security guard informed us that it was time to leave. At the same time, we realised how phenomenal the museum was and how little we had seen.

So on this occasion, we have a plan. Hopefully, we will see more of the galleries and their worldly artefacts. Because sometimes, you just need to have a plan.

Do you always plan your itinerary? Or do you prefer a relaxed, ‘non-commital’ trip? Also, any tips for effectively covering the expansive Musee du Louvre? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sometimes, you just need a plan…”

  1. I’m somewhere in the middle. I like to have a sense of what I want to see or do, but unless a reservation is needed, I don’t make a set time to do certain things. It makes for a good balance. Have a great time in Paris!


  2. I’ve come to find out that I’m somewhat of a control freak in terms that I want eveything to go as ‘planned’, but I quickly realized that with traveling sometimes you have to go where the food takes you. So I’ll create an itinerary with things that I must do and can do if there is time. I think it helps to have a priority list to make sure that you see what you intended and everything else just happens.


  3. These days when travelling I have a mental list of places that I’d like to visit but other than that go without a plan. I take things as they come, discover & explore the city and visit places on my list. If at the end of the trip I find I’ve not visited all the places; no problem. I have a reason to make a return trip.

    All too often I see people whizzing from one attraction to another, from one city to another. It’s all so quick that they’re only seeing the sights, they’re not really taking any / much of it in. Slow down, pause for a moment and take it all in. Watch the world go by and think about how lucky you really are to be able to travel and explore other countries, experience other cultures and meet new people.


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