The stress of pre-holiday packing!

A recent article shared by Bucks Herald newspaper, revealed that 26% of people avoid doing their own holiday packing, often asking somebody else to do the chore because they find it too stressful. From the study of 5,000 Britons, this was the main reason used for putting off something which is unfortunately an inevitable part of travel.

I’ve put together a short list of tips that make it a little easier to have your packing in order and essentially, relax before your departure.

  • Check the condition of your luggage well in advance of a trip (time permitting). Does it need replacing? Do it sooner rather than later for the best deal and types of case that you need.
  • On the point of luggage, check the size and weight allowance in accordance with the guidelines from your airline. If you’re unsure about the quantities, give them a call.
  • If flying domestically, consider the size of toiletries that you can take on board the flight. If you don’t have them already, buy containers available from some high street shops to transfer those lotions etc. into a size-approved container. For frequent travellers, how about having a completely separate toiletry bag with ‘cabin-sized’ goods. It keeps these items aside for when you most need them, avoiding the hassle of having to re-find them.
  • Ensure that you arrange where any sharp items are within your case – these shouldn’t be in your hand luggage!
  • Think about what you really need in your luggage. Five pairs of shorts would be great, but will you actually wear them? Travel light and with items that are easy to wash and wear again.
  • Have all documents to hand in a safe, accessible place – passports, keys, credit cards, insurance paperwork, flight tickets and your accommodation booking.
  • Know the number of case and bags that you have or amongst your group. If you stop off at particular places, double-check that you have everything so that nothing gets lost en-route. We’ve previously lost a laptop that was generously handed in – we were so exhausted from the trip. This generosity doesn’t always happen, look after your hard-earned items.

As somebody that travels as often as life allows, I can understand why people find the preparation to travel as a chore. It took me a while to organise myself enough to the point where I know exactly where things are at the drop of a hat – yet I still find it to be a challenge at times. Organisation is the key.

Do you have any other pre-travel preparations that you could recommend?

5 thoughts on “The stress of pre-holiday packing!”

  1. Great post! This definitely helps with the packing blues. I’ve learned to mix and match different items of clothing to help keep it light, it’s proven to be efficient.


  2. Like the way you have explored different topics related to Travelling. We here also like writing about our travel experiences. Really like the overall look of your blog as well.


  3. Goodness, that’s a surprising number of people! I don’t like to pack either but I doubt I’d want to leave it for someone else to do.
    Great tips. I was traveling with friends recently and was shocked to see family sized bottles of shampoo, mouth wash, wet wipes, etc. They kept asking how I traveled with only one bag — they had 2 each.


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