List of travel chats on Twitter (all times in GMT)

Each week there are a series of travel chats that take place on the Twitter-sphere bringing together new and seasoned travellers. The intention of these chats is to share experience, views and opinions of travel related issues that have quite often affected those taking part.

I created the list below of chats that I have either taken part in myself or planned to… and then missed out. Quite often, the chats are promoted to a U.S. audience, so I have converted all timings to GMT (London) time for Europe-based travellers like myself that still wish to get involved :-).

When I first joined Twitter, I wasn’t sure of the protocol for travel chats – do you introduce yourself? Do you dive in and start chatting? How do you know when and where to start? Well, yes, it is good practice to introduce yourself to the chat, as well as letting your followers know that you are joining a chat so may be tweeting a little more than usual – and of course, they may want to join in.

Take a look through the list below, choose a chat that interests you. Search Twitter for the relevant hashtag close to the start time. The host or organiser for that chat will post questions, usually related to a nominated theme. Time is allowed in between for you to discuss with other participants your responses.

  • In order for all chat participants to see your tweets and engage with you, be sure to end each tweet with the relevant hashtag. This will ensure your comments are read and shared with others.
  • Keep it polite – Don’t be rude or offensive to others. The chat is a friendly and sociable environment.
  • Tell other travel-addicts about the chats – the more the merrier.
  • Most of all, enjoy yourself.  Some travellers have had some really interesting experiences, don’t be shy to ask about it and follow up outside of the chat on any key points of interest.

N.B. List in order of days of the week. Should you wish to add a chat that you host to the list, then please let me know through the ‘Contact‘ page.

Weekly Travel Chats


GirlsTravel | 6pm | #Girlstravel

Founded by: @sheswanderful, co-hosted by @turnipseeds, @travlin_girl and yours truly, @adlibtraveller

Travel Cult | 8pm | #TravelCult

Hosted by: @SavvyGirlTravel

Travel Pics | 8pm | #TravelPics

Hosted by: @AntiTourist@PoonamParihar

Traveling Moms | 1am | #TMOM

Hosted by @TravelingMoms


Cruise Chat | 7pm | #Cruisechat

Co-hosted by @CruiseLineFans @SimonTravels and/or @CaptainBirdie

Not So Usual Therapy Session | 8.30pm | #NUTS

Co-hosted by: @SandiMcKenna & @MidlifeRoadTrip

Travel Talk on Twitter | 9.30am/ 9.30pm | #TTOT

Founded by @TravelDudes


Reality Abroad Talk Wednesday | 5pm | #RATW

Hosted by: @RealityAbroad

Travel Chat South Africa | 5pm | #TravelChatSA

Hosted by: @TravelOpulent

Responsible Tourism Twitter Chat | 6am and 6pm | #RTTC

Hosted by @TheTravelWord & @RTTCollective

Adventure Travel | 7pm | #ATQA

Founded by: @ATQandA

Expedia Chat | 6.30pm | #ExpediaChat

Sponsored by: @Expedia

See The World | 8pm | #SeeTheWorld

Hosted by: @TheCultureur and @RovingAltruist

Round the World Chat | 8.30pm | #RTWChat

Hosted by: @BootsnAll

Travel Generation Chat | 9.30pm | #TGChat

Hosted by: @TravelGen

Travex | 10pm | #Travex

Co-hosted by @travelsquire & @theexplorateur


Islands Chat | 6pm | #IslandsChat

Hosted by @IslandsMagazine

JETSET Extra | 6.30pm | #JSETT

Hosted by @JETSETextra

Travellers’ Night In | 8.30pm | #TNI

Hosted by @ZipSetGo

Travel Forward | 9.30pm | #TravelForward

Hosted by @ThoseWW and @ConstantWanders



Virtuoso Active & Speciality Travel | 4pm | #VastChat

Hosted by: @Sheila_gh & @moe_adventure

Travel Skills | 5pm | #TravelSkills

Hosted by: @johnnyjet & @cjmcginnis

Jetting Around Chat | 6pm | #JAChat

Hosted by Pola @JettingAround

Aloha Live | 8pm | #AlohaLive

Hosted by @DiscoverHawaii

Fortnightly Travel Chats

Eat The World | 8pm | #EatTheWorld

Hosted by Stephanie @20sTravel twice monthly (Full #EatTheWorld schedule)

Monthly Travel Chats

Florida Keys Chat | 8pm | #FLKeys

Hosted by:@KeysClaudia, moderated by @PineapplePress, last Wednesday each month

Mexico Travel Chat | 6pm | #MexChat

Hosted by:@StayAdventurous second Monday of every month (Full #MexChat Schedule)

Paradise Chat | 7pm | #ParadiseChat

Co-hosted by @ParadiseChat & @MarriottResorts, announced on monthly basis by Marriott Resorts

15 thoughts on “List of travel chats on Twitter (all times in GMT)”

  1. Great re-cap! Thanks. Perhaps you can add another – #SM4TA – Social Media for Travel Agents.

    Myself, @SophieBujold and @TravelweekGroup created this and have successfully hosted two chats with an average of about 25-30 participants each time. We will be hosting it on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 2pm (EST).

    It is aimed at Travel Professionals on a whole. Thanks!


  2. Brilliant. Thank you so much for this! There is also one on Responsible Travel hosted by Ethan Gelber (@thetravelword ) #RTTC that you should add to your list. I’m not sure of the day – think it’s Wednesday.


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