Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Following a trip to Thailand visiting Bangkok, Koh Samui and then back to Bangkok, we chose to stay at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Central Bangkok. We had previously stayed at the Glow Trinity Hotel so decided to try elsewhere for comparison. Plus, the attraction of staying in Thailand’s tallest building had some appeal! Upon arrival at the hotel, we were immediately greeted with a busy reception area and a confusing concierge arrangement. This unfortunately contributed to what became a hectic and chaotic stay.

I had arranged that our group would spend one night at the hotel in three rooms. The check in process became tedious, especially having just departed a train from Koh Samui. I explained several times to the receptionist that I had three rooms booked, she insisted there was one. She then found another room. And then another after much hunting on the system. This immediately gave me a poor impression. At this point we asked to leave baggage at the hotel as our rooms were not yet ready before departing and returning later in the day.

Night view from Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Upon our return, the rooms had been mixed up with who would be staying in each room resulting in communications from the hotel being made to the wrong room. Not a huge problem but an annoyance none the less. There was also no explanation of the check in process, resulting in me having to make several calls to reception to verify information for our check out and other key information. The receptionist that answered was less that helpful with each call.So that covers the reception and ‘welcome’ service.

Now onto the actual rooms… I had booked three across our group. One room had to be changed due to a drainage problem which was promptly changed but once settled we found the rooms to be spacious, airy and clean. Our rooms were all on the 51st floor with a stunning view over Bangkok however my partner and I concluded that this is the main attraction of the hotel. The rooms, whilst comfortable were relatively standard.

Day view from Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Whilst the rooms are quiet and offer a great, central base to stay in Bangkok, the hotel itself is busy to say the least. As a tourist attraction, it is often difficult to get a lift that isn’t crowded and full of non-residents. It might be wise for the hotel to consider guest-only lifts as this would make the stay for guests a lot less tiresome. Many tourists pay to visit the highest floor which results in crowded lifts, busy public areas and little chance to relax and enjoy the benefits of staying at the hotel.Facilities wise, the hotel offers a pool on the 17th floor where there is also the spa and pool table. The changing facilities are nice and we were able to make some use of this area after checking out the following morning.

Unfortunately, a key factor when booking the accommodation was WiFi access. It needed to be free and readily available. I wanted to blog, others in the group have activities that they too needed to manage on the road. So I was disappointed to learn that not only was I misguided in believing that WiFi was available in the rooms but also in thinking that it was free. I believe it was 100-baht. Not much but unexpected all the same.

Just a small part of the vast breakfast option at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

On a brighter note, the breakfast the following morning was, well, fabulous. A massive selection served in the 360-degree restaurant on the top floor. With panoramic views across Bangkok, it is hard not to be impressed. There is so much to take in and you really understand the size and complexity of Bangkok when you peer down on it from a true, birds-eye height.Overall, the hotel provides safe, clean accommodation in Bangkok in a fantastic, central location. There is a market on the doorstep and a shopping centre as well. It is walking distance to a few other shopping centres and we felt safe in and around the local area.

Have you stayed at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel? Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Sounds like you lived up to being an Ad-lib traveller. My brother stayed at the lebua at Tower, had the same issue as you did when it came to registration. And he was just with his family.


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