Spirit House, Koh Samui, Thailand

Fresh coconut water – delicious!

During a recent stay in Koh Samui we had the pleasure of visiting Spirit House by Chaweng Beach. Set in beautiful surroundings, this restaurant, spa and cookery school creates the perfectly idyllic experience of Thailand.We were recommended to try the restaurant by a local as we were searching for a romantic dinner setting and a memorable experience for our holiday. We were so impressed with the venue that not only did we dine there, we also booked into the spa a couple of days later and followed this up by taking part in the 1-2-1 cookery school.

On each occasion the staff were welcoming, friendly and so keen to ensure that we had a good experience which is indicative of the Thai attitude. So, I thought that I would use this post to summarise my love for all three aspects of Spirit House that we were able to enjoy.

The Restaurant

Dining at Spirit House is an experience that we all thoroughly enjoyed in Koh Samui. We sat outdoors, in a private area lit solely by candlelight and honestly, it felt as though we were a million miles away from the bustling Chaweng Beach – which in reality is only a short walk away.

When we went to the restaurant we found the service to be prompt, efficient and unobtrusive. Small details such as providing mosquito rings by the table were taken care of – necessary when eating outdoors in the evening! The menu offers a lot of choice, more than enough to cater for our varied tastes. The drinks were fresh and delicious and the food at each course was second to none, presented to a high standard.

The Spa

Being a bit of a spa obsessive (I’ve booked into a spa in every country that I have visited), I was naturally inclined to take part. Along with the other ladies in our group, we booked our treatments. I opted for an Aloe Vera gel wrap whilst my friends opted for the full body massage with exfoliating scrub and Thai body massage respectively.

The spa setting takes full advantage of the good weather and atmosphere of being in Thailand. Whilst the actual treatment takes place in a private curtained area, the rainfall shower is outside. Showering outside, in the sun and at such a beautiful location feels like a surreal experience in itself which goes hand in hand with the return to the treatment room for the next stage of the treatment. Pure bliss. We each came away feeling revitalised, relaxed and thoroughly pleased with our experience.

Following the treatment, we were each shown to the reception area amongst the stunning gardens to enjoy tea, a fruit platter and bask in the warmth of the sun. Having tried several of the massage shops in the Chaweng area, Spirit House was a nice alternative as a treat to a more luxurious experience.

Cooking School

As well as trying out the restaurant and spa, we made sure to maximise the cultural experience by taking part in a 1-2-1 cooking class with the professional chefs of Spirit House. My partner and I chose to do this as a couples’ experience but they also offer availlability for larger groups.

As a foodie, I am always trying to learn about the food which plays a large part of the culture for a country. Thailand is renown for its curry, noodle and spicy dishes, so an opportunity to learn to prepare these types of dish was fantastic.

We arranged the booking to suit us – there are typically two time slots available per day at 1pm and 4pm and you select the dishes that you would like to make from this menu. Upon arrival, in the mid-afternoon sun, we were set up in the cookery area for our personalised cooking class.

The chef works to cook your chosen meal on one side of the table, whilst you work directly opposite to do the same. This arrangement works really well allowing you to discuss and prepare dishes exactly as they do. You can pause at any point to ask questions, sample the ingredients which is exactly what we did. 🙂

The whole experience is provides a great way to do some fun, hands-on learning. After each course you can pause to eat or continue cooking. We prepared all four of our courses before sitting to enjoy them all. Be sure to go hungry – it’s definitely a filling and rewarding day – I had to take one course away to eat later! Oh, and you even get a copy of recipes, a certificate and photos with the chef to confirm that you took part – which is a nice touch for when you get back home.

Spirit House is possibly one of the best recommendations for a place to visit that we received whilst being in Koh Samui. Whether you choose to go for one purpose or several as we did, I had to share this as a *limelight* feature for anybody lucky enough to be in Koh Samui. If you’re there, make every excuse to check it out.

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