Quality British food @ Mother Mash, Leadenhall Street, London

Today, my colleagues and I decided to head out for lunch to a place quite near to our offices called ‘Mother Mash‘, based on Leadenhall Street between Aldgate and Bank Underground stations. Quite often with such a central location, it is difficult to find somewhere that serves food at a reasonable price in a restaurant environment which was exactly what we wanted.

We had pre-booked tables for our group which we were promptly seated at as soon as we arrived, however it wasn’t too busy for the lunchtime therefore booking for a smaller group may not be completely necessary. Having perused the menu for a couple of minutes, our food and drink orders were taken by the waitress.

The style of the menu allows you to have complete control over what you would like to have for your meal:

  • Choose a type of mashed potato – cheesy, plain, mustard and others. – it’s quite a list
  • Select your preference of sausage of pie – again, it’s a pretty impressive choice
  • Opt for your preference of gravy – it’s that simple.

The mashed potatoes or ‘tatties’ ūüôā were great, soft and fluffy, available with a range of¬†seasoning, for¬†example¬†topped with cheese, mixed with spring onions, etc.

Within a few minutes the drinks were served, followed by the food which was flavoursome but could have been served at a hotter temperature, which suggested that it was reheated. This was a¬†slight¬†disappointment. Also, my¬†colleagues had all ordered sausage and mash dishes, however I chose the Lamb and Rosemary pie which wasn’t very meaty. The sausages however looked great and by all reports were tasty. One of my colleagues did opt for a side order of vegetables which unfortunately was a very small portion.

Overall the restaurant has a good atmosphere and is spread over two levels giving lots of space and comfy booth-styled seating. When we visited there seemed to be a mix of age groups largely appearing to enjoy their work lunch. I think that this place would be great for children as well, a simple, tasty menu that would be a treat for the family.¬†Not only this but the service is pretty speedy, we spent a total of 45 minutes in the restaurant which for a group of seven was pretty impressive. Would I go again… yes, I would. However I think that I would ¬†go for sausage and mash next time, as this seems to be where the restaurant performs a it’s best. Overall a good experience though and perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat in Central London.

Address: 107-112 Leadenhall Street, London Phone: 0207 929 6158 Website: www.mothermash.co.uk

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