A Thai lunch at Chaophraya, Liverpool One, Liverpool

I have been eating at Chaophraya for over three years now, a regular fan of their high quality food, decent portion sizes and reasonable prices to match – you definitely get your monies worth. As a fan of Thai food (it happens to be in my all-time top favourites) I do eat out frequently at a range of Thai restaurants yet I always come back to Chaophraya as a treat.

As my boyfriend and I tended to frequent the Manchester and Liverpool branches prior to our relocation, it felt only right that on a weekend visit ‘up north’ we should head back 🙂 We headed to the Liverpool branch behind the Liverpool One Shopping Centre on a Sunday afternoon for lunch and to enjoy the excellent food and service that we can always anticipate from Chaophraya.

Now, if you haven’t visited the branch before it has a very luxurious feel to it. The atmosphere is always calm, relaxed and you are very conscious that this is a high class restaurant without it being intimidating. The kitchen is screened behind glass so you can see the chef’s in action preparing the authentic dishes. I always find this reassuring that they are so confident in the quality of their preparation and quality. This particular branch is also co-joined with Palm Sugar, a bar/club which also happens to be Liverpool’s most luxurious cocktail lounge (which having tried a selection, I would confidently say that they are).

The restaurant has two floors offering a range of seating to suit couples, families and larger groups as well. Having visited on numerous occasions for both lunch and dinner sittings, it always has a regular flow of customers so if you’re visiting during an evening then be sure to book well in advance.

On this occasion, we noticed a couple of changes since our last visit:

  1. The fruit smoothie (non-alchoholic) is no longer a ‘smoothie’ but more a combination of fruit juices. This was a slight disappointment. We have previously enjoyed freshly blended fruits served elegantly in a tall glass with the thicker consistency that is expected with a smoothie. The change of ingredients is unfortunately, for the worse.
  2. The noodle dish that I had wasn’t as tasty as I expected, it had slightly too much tamarind sauce which dominated the rest of the ingredients.
However, these two points do NOT detract from the overall Chaophraya experience!

Other than that points above the experience was as great as ever. We enjoyed the seabass and lamb shank dishes which were both fantastic and well prepared, accompanied by coconut rice and sticky rice.

The service was prompt and friendly with orders being taken quite quickly and the food was served amazingly fast and was so tasty (other than the noodles). Another welcome addition was in the form of the after-meal drinks, a white hot chocolate felt like a real treat to end the meal on a high and was the perfect substitute for a dessert.

If you’re in Liverpool and a fan of Thai food then Chaophraya has to be high on your list. For excellent food, high quality service and a memorable time then this is the place for you.

P.S. Note to Chaophraya – please revert back to the original recipe on the smoothie, it really was a winner! 😀

Address: Chaophraya, 5-6 Kenyon Steps, Liverpool One L1 3DF

Phone: 0151 707 6323

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