‘Pinterest’: Informative, Inspirational and Intriguing…

The Ad-lib Traveller is now on Pinterest. Taking the plunge into another form of social media. After some debate of how I could use this to complement the blog, I decided to take the plunge – opinion so far… I love it!

So far, the site is proving to be useful, I have already ‘pinned’ a few photos from the blog, followed a few other users of the site and took some time to update my settings and categorise my ‘pin-boards’. So now, it seems a little more like a space that I could grow to love – and hope that my followers will as well.

Like most things it takes some time to adjust to another method of sharing things, however as with all things travel related, I’m truly embracing the change. It’s informative, inspirational and intriguing at  the same time. If you are already on Pinterest then follow me on there for more travel photos and other passions of mine.


Are you using the site yet? If so, what do you think of it so far?

P.S. If you aren’t using Pinterest just yet then request an invite via the link above and I will gladly send this over – look forward to seeing your pins 🙂

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