Break Bar in Wood Green, North London

Today I had a rare day in London and so decided to take a trip over to Wood Green, an area that I hadn’t yet been to but have heard quite a lot about.

I decided to take the Picadilly Line from Kings Cross Station up to Wood Green which took around 20 minutes due to the efficiency of the service – a rarity I know! Wood Green tube station is located at the top of the High Street – upon leaving the station I was directly opposite the Cineworld cinema before proceeding to walk along the High Street.

After having a browse around ‘The Mall‘ which has several typical High Street stores such as Primark, TK Maxx, New Look, Carphone Warehouse and many others, I decided to find somewhere to get a bite to eat away from the usual fast food restaurants. I was very pleased to find a place called the Break Bar at Unit 63b on the High Street.

Having recently returned from Brussels, I was naturally drawn to the smell of waffles, freshly made at a kiosk at the front of the Cafe.

Upon entry, I received a friendly greeting – a quick glance at the menu and I knew that I had to stay for more than a waffle!

Having taken a seat and exchanged some light conversation with the friendly staff members, I opted for a Crayfish and Avocado wrap (which is served with fries and salad) and the Bliss Smoothie which is a freshly blended combination of blueberry, papaya, mango and raspberry.

The food was promptly served and I was delighted to see that it was fresh and as tasty as I had hoped – perfect for a bite to eat on a Saturday afternoon.

Having finished this and despite being very full, I had to find space for a waffle, especially as the customers seated around me had ordered some which looked fab!

I proceeded to order the Banoffee Waffle, which was cooked to perfection and topped with toffee sauce and freshly sliced bananas – it really was the perfect combination. For any future visits, I would certainly consider the whipped cream topping as an alternative but this was more than suitable for my taste 🙂

Overall, I found the cafe to be the perfect little snack bar. They have a vast menu which has a good selection of wraps, jacket potatos, sandwiches, burgers, crepes and of course waffles and smoothies. Would I visit again – definitely. The service was prompt, staff were friendly and quick to take my order and clear tables despite the fact that they were constantly busy. Not only do they draw a range of customers from all nationalities but as the food is prepared infront of you, you are able to see that staff are cleaning and wiping down surfaces on a regular basis – which I think is very important! I was happy with the service here and would recommend it to others that are in the area.

2 thoughts on “Break Bar in Wood Green, North London”

  1. It was a joy for my team to read about this post about our restaurant. We hope you dont mind that we made a link from our website back to this post. Hope we see you again one day for an other Banoffee Waffle


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