Stanhope Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

During a recent trip to Brussels, I decided to stay at the Stanhope Hotel to enjoy a little bit of luxury during our relaxing two-night stay. Having made the reservation via we were looking forward to making the most of our visit to the city, whilst being based close to the centre enabling maximum time to be spent exploring rather than travelling around the city. On this occasion, location was everything.

The hotel is easy to find, located just off Rue de Luxembourg which is literally a five minute walk from Troon metro station. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted by a fantastic entrance which pretty much had 5* written all over it! A grand, spacious and very welcoming reception area immediately pleased me with the choice, however we were yet to see our room…

Having checked in, we were led to the lift which would take us to room 403 on the 4th floor.

The room… well, it was gorgeous. Romantic, luxurious and far more than either of us could have imagined. I had booked a Classic Double however it was a welcome choice to learn that we were upgraded to a Club Room. Not only was the room very welcoming (particularly to two very weary travellers) but it included a very spacious bathroom with full sized bath-tub and separate shower, his and hers sink area, separate toilet and of course, all toiletries. The room itself featured a desk area for work or study, a sitting area and then of course the comfy, soft and clean double bed – the pictures do not do the room justice.

As well as stunning rooms and decor, there is also a fitness room available which albeit small is adequate to provide a good workout. The room features a weights bench, multi-function machine (rowing, weights etc.), treadmill and cross trainer. In this room there are also two changing rooms (male and female), a sunbed and sauna.

Overall, we had a great stay at the Stanhope hotel, the facilities were exactly what we needed and were able to make use of with the time available to us, as well as being a short metro or bus ride to the centre – bus number 95 stops approximately 100metres from the hotel entrance. I will certainly be considering this hotel for a future stay in Brussels!

Thanks for reading! Please click here to visit the Stanhope Hotel website.

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