“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Hello and welcome to the Ad-lib Traveller blog. I started this blog as a way to share my travel experiences with like-minded people across the world. Ultimately, I see the blog as a way to share my own experience but also to learn and share inspiration with others.

As the first post, I decided upon the name “Over the Rainbow” which yes, does have everything to do with the familiar Judy Garland song or more recently, Eva Cassidy. As the lyrics go:

Somewhere over the rainbow,

Skies are blue,

And the dreams that you dare to dream,

Really do come true.

As somebody who aspires to travel as often as life allows me to (unfortunately this isn’t my full time job) I hope to share the idea that with just a little organisation, we can all aim to make the most of our travel opportunities whether it is at home or abroad to get away from the rigours and routine that daily life presents to us!

With this in mind, I think that the lyrics above highlight the idea of travel. If you are brave enough to dream about travelling near and far, then one day those very dreams can become a reality. I am not privileged to have unlimited disposable income, nor the time to travel at will, hence naming the blog “Ad-lib¬†Traveller”. I feel that this represents my style of travel as quite simply… I make it up as I go along. There isn’t a set plan or agenda for where I will visit and when. I look at my schedule, dream those dreams and plan within my means with an impromptu course of action. I’m not a backpacker nor a student, just a young woman aimng to make the most of my travel adventures, learning and sharing at the same time.

If you enjoy reading then please take the time to comment and share amongst your friends / family – the next holiday is just over the rainbow.

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