Let’s go to Kerala, India! It’ll take 2 minutes, all I need is your vote.

As part of an initiative by Kerala Tourism, I’ve applied for a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a two-week trip to Kerala in India, to experience the Indian state from north to south.

Map of Kerala, India

“Picked up as one of the 50 must-see destinations of a lifetime by the National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is perhaps one of the most talked about tourist destinations in India today. Kerala’s claim to fame is its unmatched bounty of nature-based products and experiences. Known to the world as God’s Own Country and extolled by The New York Times as the place where India flows at a relaxed place, Kerala plays host to millions of travellers who come every year in search of peace and contentment.” Source: Kerala Blog Express, 2014

As a lover of culture, beaches, hiking and exotic countries, I’d welcome the chance to visit India’s greenest State, sharing the experience with you every step of the way.Kerala, India. Photography by Vivek Kumar

Having entered the contest, I now need your help to secure my place.

If successful, I’ll have a chance to visit Kerala whilst blogging and sharing stories of the trip with you all in real time – you’ll witness every step of the trip through my eyes. For a chance to share my passion for India with you, all I need is your vote.

If you’d like to support my application, please visit my profile on the Kerala Blog Express and click VOTE (registration is required).

For every single vote – thank you.

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