Time out at Kool Runnings Adventure Park, Jamaica

Kool Runnings Adventure Park opened in 2007 and has quickly established itself as Jamaica’s largest and best waterpark. Located just a few metres away from the famous 7 mile beach in Negril, this prime property is located in the wetlands, an eco-friendly environment.

Locally known as the place where “Jamaica comes to play,” Kool Runnings Adventure Park is home to 8 exciting water slides, a children’s play island, a Murassic Park petting zoo, authentic food and beverage outlets and a ¼ mile lazy river. In addition to this, there’s Palisadoes Go-Kart Racing, Laser Combat, Paintballing, a 4 person human gyroscope and Jamboo Rafting.

Go Karting at Kool Runnings Adventure Park

My friend and I spent a day enjoying Kool Runnings Adventure Park on a typically hot day. I had been concerned that the park would be busy during the school holidays, yet whilst there were busy periods, it remained fun and accessible without us having to wait around for too long in between rides.

Lazy River, Kool Runnings Adventure Park

We arrived a few minutes before 11am and left the park shortly before closing time. We spent the full day enjoying the water slides, go-karting and also had the opportunity to try Jamboo rafting.

Jamboo Rafting, Great Morass, Negril

Jamaica’s Rio Grande river in Portland in reknown for rafting; now, visitors can enjoy a 20-minute drift through Negril’s Great Morass, as part of the Jamboo rafting experience at Kool Runnings Adventure Park, to access the tranquil Morassic Park.

Morassic Park at Kool Runnings Adventure Park

Each raft can hold up to six adults and is powered by up to two guides, using traditional bamboo poles. The Morassic Park is ideally placed for visitors to explore the petting zoo and learn more about the natural garden.

The waterslides are accessible to all, catering for thrillseekers with rides like the ‘Kick Puppalick’, ‘Green Grotto’ and ‘Duppy Conqueror’, to the more relaxing ‘Rio Bueno Leisure River.’

Kool Runnings WaterparkAs a non-swimmer, I always practice caution at waterparks, however staff at the park demonstrated a high regard for safety, ensuring that visitors are following the rules and it is a fun day out for all.

Whilst at the park, I learnt that Kool Runnings Adventure Park offers a summer intern programme available to students studying across the island, aiming to provide training and experience as part of their development and preparation for the working world. This only adds to the experience of the park as a local hotspot, where tourists and locals can enjoy the facilities together.

Morassic Park, Kool Runnings Adventure Park

In addition to the Adventure Park, Kool Runnnings also offers Cabana rental, perfect for groups and families to enjoy a personalised food and beverage service throughout the day.

Cabana rental at Kool Runnings Adventure ParkDespite visiting Jamaica on previous occasions, Negril is an city where I hadn’t been able to spend a great deal of time. I was glad to include Kool Runnings Adventure Park as a must-see attraction for this trip. It’s fun, inclusive and well-arranged, catering perfectly to all age groups. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy the spirit of Jamaica, in a safe environment.

Kool Runnnings Adventure Park is a seasonal attraction, usually closed on Mondays (except public holidays). The park is open Tuesday to Sunday – 11am to 6pm (Rides close at 5.30pm). Tickets to access the waterpark will cost $33 per adult with incremental increases to access other attractions at the park.

Many thanks to Kool Runnings Adventure Park for providing access to the park for the purposes of this review.

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