Photo Essay: The Perfect Tropical Escape to Ilha Grande, Brazil

Ilha Grande is a small island located off the coast of mainland Brazil in Angra Dos Reis. Surrounded in tropical greenery and boasting picturesque sandy beaches, the third largest island in Rio de Janeiro offers visitors the perfect escape from daily life. With no taxis, no cashpoints/ ATMs and a lack of WiFi or internet connection, it makes an idyllic break (just be sure to withdraw enough cash before you arrive).

Tourists to the island are escorted by boat (bookable at the shore for around 30-reis or online as part of a package via Green Toad Bus). It’s roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour from the mainland and you can take a reasonably sized suitcase, however I’d recommended a backpack or something that you can carry. I took a suitcase on wheels and struggled once we reached Ilha Grande due to the surface of the ground.

Visiting for just 24 hours, it was a flying visit to see the beauty of the island, but completely worthwhile. From Parque Nacional de Ilha Grande to late night camp fires on the beach, we absolutely loved the experience. Below are a few photos and a video that I wanted to share from my recent visit to the island.

Have you visited Ilha Grande? What are your highlights?


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