About Me

Welcome to the Ad-lib Traveller blog by Colleen Williams.

Founded in April 2012, this blog allows me to share my passion; travel and experiences that I’ve had around the world.

I’m a 9-5 full-time marketer and qualified Chartered Marketer. As a city girl that relocated from Birmingham and is currently based in London, my approach to having a work/life balance allows some flexibility for my passion; sporadic and affordable travel.

There isn’t a set plan or agenda for where I will visit and when. I look at my schedule and plan within my means for a trip to wherever takes my fancy. Sometimes it’ll be budget, at other times I’ll splurge for luxury but the majority of the time, I hunt for mid-range trips to getaway to just about anywhere… hence the name, ‘ad-lib’.

I’m an organised and conscious money-saver, so I’m regularly the person taking responsibility for planning a trip itinerary – something that I’m happy to advise and guide readers to do, with tips to maximise saving potential.

If you enjoy reading then take the time to comment; I see it all as a 2-way conversation and your input contributes to my learning experiences as well.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. Please note that all images and videos used on the Ad-lib Traveller blog are my own property and are not permitted for other use unless specified. Photo credit is required.


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